Welcome to Ric Mitchell's Growing Up Boomer

Baby Boomers still comprise a large segment of our population and most have fond memories of simpler days gone by. Let radio personality Ric Mitchell bring those memories to the forefront with a presentation filled with pathos, wistful dreams of days gone by and fun!

This hour long visit to the 50s, 60s and 70s includes the toys Boomers grew up with, our television, our music and little trinkets of memories that most will remember with a smile, a sigh and a longing for what was a simpler time. In fact, if your group needs a short program, this one is perfect and the investment in said presentation is VERY reasonable and I bring everything.

Mention you saw this note on the website and get a discount on my performance.

Want to thank The Georgia Club, The Santiago Women's Club and more for having me in recently to help them reminisce. It was a fun visit filled with memories!

More and more groups are inquiring about the presentation as well because for many group members time has just flown by. There's a real desire to think back to what were our formative years.

It’s a show that will have you driving home and reminiscing about those good old days!
Call me at (352) 874-7544.

Growing Up Boomer!

For a Truly Complete Memorable Night

If you remember when being a senior meant reaching the academic hierarchy and not trying to decide at what age to take Social Security, call me at (352) 874-7544 and let the memories flow!

If you're like me and you're proud to have spent your formative years "Growing Up Boomer" then you and your group need to call me and find out more.

And now, I'm in The Villages, Florida and can travle anywhere...call me at (352) 874-7544 and find out more AND you can make it a night filled with fun game shows, music for dancing, karaoke.....truly a complete night!
It's my versatility that makes the party difference!

Tom Lawrence

A Little About Me:

I've been a Radio Personality for many years and I'm now in Central Florida and have been a Master of Ceremonies, Game Show Host, Trivia Entertainer and have had the pleasure of hosting wedding receptions and parties for almost as many years as radio... one of the first in the country!

I started learning the skills and techniques I use to "keep the dance floor busy and the crowd entertained" playing at high school dances all over and when DJs became more and more accepted at events like wedding receptions, I really became a pioneer in what soon became a wedding craze!

My unique presentation along with years of entertaining on the radio, make me one of the truest professional DJs and it was never just a part-time weekend job. I live and breathe music and entertaining and my quick thinking at live events has saved many from sinking when someone less experienced might panic. This is where many years of experience really pay off!

You can have me address the crowd in "Growing Up Boomer" and then have a dance party featuring the music they love!

I bring to every event a collection of digital music from the 40s through today and requests are not a problem.

Don't trust your party to just any DJ...Call Ric Mitchell to book now!

(352) 874-7544