Enjoy Karaoke

Whether it’s the next vocal discovery or someone looking to find their vocal place in the sun, a LOT of people love the fun of karaoke! So, make that part of your group or organization’s special night!

I've got the equipment, the lyrics, the microphones, the display and most importantly, the experience to make it all come together! It can be part of your party or just as a stand-alone night of fun and laughter.

Call Ric Mitchell at (352) 874-7544. Combine it with the option of a TVGame Show and a dance party, or Jukebox Bingo and it’s an even more exciting night your group will surely remember!

Growing Up Boomer!


If the thought of getting up on stage and performing karaoke makes you feel like you're going to have a heart attack . . . maybe it's time to face your demons and just do it. Because apparently, there's no place for heart attacks in karaoke.

According to a new study, doctors found that occasionally performing karaoke can improve your heart health and your stress levels. They found it eases tension and makes people feel happy and comfortable socially.

NOW . . . keep in mind, this was a Japanese study, so you KNOW they wanted it to turn out pro-karaoke.

But still . . . they studied almost 20,000 people and the results were statistically significant . . . so it's probably worth listening to. Call Ric Mitchell and find out how you can join the singalong fun! 352-874-7544